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Software Development

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Driven with passion, our team of domain experts, software engineers, and designers produce top-notch personalized IT products to meet your business needs. Let’s collaborate and together ignite your business with trustworthy digital technologies.


ERP System for American Insurance Company

  • An integrated management system of insurance holding company
  • Well-established process of communication with federal agencies and government bodies
  • Settled integration with outside CRMs of insurance providers
ERP system for American

Elaborate website for online trade platform

  • A vast catalogue of gift cards from the most outstanding online trade networks
  • News blog with recommendations and useful tips for customers
  • Sorting gift suggestions depending on customer geolocation
Elaborate website

Web-portal of all-around digital TV access

  • Web application allows subscribing to 150 Russian TV channels and movie theaters and watching them in HD all over the world
  • Internet speed check up and video stream optimization
  • Display control tool allows users to stop, save, switch, and rewind a video stream
Web-portal of all-around digital TV

Professional GPS monitoring in agriculture

  • Satellite photo survey of agricultural lands with integration to a user computer
  • Visual presentation of field works and instant generation of requested reports
  • Automated checkout of equipment and transport technical state
Web-program of professional GPS

Web-platform for personal PR campaigns

  • Three-step path to start an advertising campaign
  • Online constructor of product design
  • Facebook, Twitter and Instagram integration
A web-platform for personal PR

Innovative Space for Mercedes Benz

  • Interactive tables with Internet access, games, electronic menu, and order placing
  • Personalized configurator that analyzes a personality of each person based on their facial expressions suggesting a unique car model according to the results
  • The world’s largest interactive wall with a cafe Instagram profile
Mercedes Me

How it works?

  • The birth of the idea 1

    The birth of the idea

    We carefully study your idea and suggest the solution answering your needs

  • Planning of project implementation 2

    Planning of project implementation

    Your deadlines and budget limits are the first priority for us

  • Creative study 3

    Design laboratory

    Specialists create cutting-edge design solutions

  • Hard work 4


    Our specialists get deeply involved in work on a project

  • Testing 5


    Our testers are constantly checking and ensuring project integrity

  • In a result

    As a result

    We transform your blurry idea into a solid and profitable solution


Price rates for provided services vary between 17-40 US dollars per hour.

  • The leading web-developer

    Leading Developer

    $ 35-40

  • The web-developer

    Middle Developer

    $ 30-35

  • The leading QA-specialist

    Auto QA Specialist

    $ 25-30

  • Middle QA-specialist

    Manual QA Specialist

    $ 17

We’ll be glad you contact us contact us, and we’ll provide you with more detailed information.


We appreciate all experiences from startups to Fortune 1,000 companies we had a pleasure to work with

Jari Kaitera

Jari Kaitera

Chairman of the Board, Twid - Finland

Twid has been working with IT Standard since December 2015. We were surprised by the quality and affordability of their software development work and the easiness to work with their experts. I can truly recommend IT Standard.

Christian A. Mathiesen

Christian A. Mathiesen

Head of R&D, Purity - Norway

We have worked with IT Standard since January 2015 and are using their services to the development of our future products and solutions. We are impressed by their professionalism, quality of work and ability to deliver on time. We definitely recommend IT Standard to others.

Peter Ollikainen

Peter Ollikainen

Chairman of the Board, Centa Solutions - Finland

It's been a very good interaction and driving things onwards. The team was highly responsive to requests and some changes we required. Besides, it’s always a pleasure to work with smart guys like in IT Standard!

Heikki Räisänen

Heikki Räisänen

Entrepreneur, Emfit - Finland

IT Standard has been really great to work with. They have very broad skills to develop software, easily available new resources when needed, always fast and clear replies and response. Very good ROI which is great interest in these days.

Nicolas Genest

Nicolas Genest

Chief Technology Officer, Cloud Body - USA

You, guys, did a very good job helping with the prototyping and the initial inception of the App. Some of your questions forced re-consideration of many aspects of the cloudbody model. Company flexibility demonstrates high understanding business priorities.

Thomas Snijder

Thomas Snijder

Network Engineer IP Solutions, Alcadis - Netherlands

I'm really positive about this project and how the communication went. if we have another project about Gimball in the future, we will contact IT Standard again. Thanks for all the help and the great service!

Why us?

  • 1

    Years of domain experience

    We have been in the market for 11 years and have managed to gain great experience, creating successful software products in BFSI.

  • 2

    Strength in application development and maintenance services

    We bring strong experience in bespoke application development and maintenance work. IT Standard successfully works as a value adding partner with many customers across Europe and the USA.

  • 3

    Flexibility and a rapid team start

    We provide the fastest terms of your nearshore team to start - 2 weeks from your go-ahead. Our team of 900+ experts gives you flexibility.

  • 4

    Security goes first

    We are a ISO/IEC 27001 certified company and a licensed partner of two largest security brands - HP Fortify and Checkmarx

How to order our services?

Your idea - our implementation!

  • Contact our sales department 1

    Contact us

    Please, contact our sales department

  • Describe your goal 2

    Describe your goal

    Tell us about the desired product

  • The rest - for us! 3

    The rest - for us!

    Our experts will do all to meet your needs

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